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DATAbility GmbH

Engineering Know-how meets Artificial Intelligence...DATAbility provides full-range prognosis solutions.

Driven by curiosity, we expand your data universe and develop customized AI solutions (services & products). Based on universally applicable algorithms in machine learning, we transform technical and economical domain knowledge as engineers into leading edge technologies of artificial intelligence for industrial applications. We focus on predicting future states and we are engaged in the areas of data science, optimization & automation, image and natural language processing. Our industry-independent AI services and products are broadly applicable - prognoses of component failures and remaining useful lifetimes concerning predictive maintenance/predictive health management and predictive quality - dynamic pricing tools based on customer profiling for sales - energy load and consumption analyses (diagnoses & forecasts) in smart grids - optimized management of production facilities & lines, machineries and spares - intelligent customer support, asset management and field service!

Part of
Startupnight 2019