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Panel: The Future of Food

In our Open Talkpanel (Fishbowl) at Foodnight about the future of food we will ask (and hopefully find answers):

  • Food

❓ What type of food can we afford globally in the future to mitigate #climate #change? 
❓ How can we solve the challenge of over consumption of „bad food“? 
❓ Shall we replace livestock products with #vegan or #cultivated alternatives, and how? 
❓ What does this mean for food innovations, political regulation and #agriculture? 
❓ What is the significance of startups in driving innovations in the food industry?

These urgent topics we will discuss with

👉 Hendrik Kaye, Founder Esencia
👉 Renate Künast, MdB, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen
👉 Raffael Wohlgensinger, CEO & Founder formo
👉 Mark Leinemann, crowdfoods

Insa Horsch will moderate this session. 

Your Startupnight Team
#SUN23 #futureisnow

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