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Arne Friedrich: Shaping society together
| August 30 2023

Kinderhilfe and Caritas Berlin launch a special fundraising campaign: Arne Friedrich has brought together Kinderhilfe and Caritas Berlin with his involvement

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Meet our executive partner Berlin Partner for Business and Technology
| August 30 2023

In the Startup Unit, which is based in its premises, it combines the expertise of the state of Berlin and partners from business and science. Whether it is

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Panel: The Future of Food
| August 29 2023

❓ What type of food can we afford globally in the future to mitigate #climate #change?  ❓ How can we solve the challenge of over consumption of „bad food

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Opening of Startupnight 2023
| August 28 2023

The term "innovative" is already in the title of the coalition agreement of the current Senate of Berlin. The city government strives to further develop Berlin

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Workshop: Storytelling for Technology Brands
| August 28 2023

For young technology companies in particular, it is important to gain the trust of the target audience through clear and concise communication. Even when

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The Future of Gastronomy
| August 25 2023

❓ How can gastronomy bring a #planetary #health diet to the plate and to the consumer? ❓ How can we turn food consumption towards #sustainability with the

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What does it take to be a unicorn in Europe and the Global South?
| August 24 2023

At the invitation of the [] Network of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development,

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Berlin Partner
Workshop: The Talent Pool of Berlin – and how you get access to it!
| August 24 2023

But does this sentiment extend to the job market as well? Is it accurate that you can employ highly skilled workers for 15% lower expenses? Furthermore, what

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Avnet Silica Workshop & Competition
| August 06 2023

Join us for a deep dive into the latest technological advancements that are shaping the future of a connected world. We’ll be joined by some of Avnet’s world

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