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Below you will find tickets for Startupnight's exhibition and conference. In the second frame you can order tickets for our IoT Workshop by Avent Silica, in the third for Content Creator Workshop and in the forth for the Nano Sessions at DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum.

You already bought a ticket and want to show up as an attendee to get connected to Startupnight and other attendees?
Just register here with your LinkedIn account and place your picture, your company and your position on our attendees page. By this you will be able to bookmark your favorite startups and preferred parts of the conference and exhibition.

For using a promotional code: First click on Enter Promotional Code in the form to be able to enter the code. If you did this successfully, the reduced prices are visible. Then choose the amount of tickets and click on ORDER NOW.

Exhibtion and conference tickets

IoT workshop tickets


Startupnight 2017: Porsche Digital Lab Nano Sessions