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Startups at SUN23
| August 05 2023

eCozy is a Smart Home Solution that is capable to integrate non-connected devices into a smart home environment, increase comfort and security of life.

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Startups at SUN23
| August 04 2023

Cyber Insight makes cyber risk and GDPR compliance measurable, and creates a risk-based implementation plan. Sentryc fights counterfeits with AI, building

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IFA next
New: Cooperation with IFA Next!
| August 03 2023

For a 1 sqm booth, IFA Next offers 3 different packages: 2 days (Monday, 4 Sept –Tuesday, 5 Sept): 899 EUR 3 days (Friday, 1 Sept –Sunday, 3 Sept): 1,050 EUR

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Startupnight 2023 set for September 1!
| August 02 2023

This notion is crucial in light of the ongoing crises and the decrease in startup funding across Europe. In 2022, Germany experienced a 22 percent drop in the

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SUN X Review - Diversity Night: What does diversity mean in the different startup ecosystems? 
| September 14 2022

In particular, we had a close look at Paris, Berlin and London through the experience and testimonials of our speakers: Deborah Choi, Founderland, Sana Al

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SUN X Incubator & Accelerator Day: Workshop Program
| August 22 2022

In her workshop "Protoyping on a Budget“, Tayla Sheldrake from Motionlab will explain how to develop low-fidelity hardware prototypes, test them and generate

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Incubator & Accelerator Day
Program: SUN X Incubator & Accelerator Day 
| August 19 2022

The topics which we cover include the various government programs designed to encourage and support founders, tools and methods which help founders with their

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SUN X New Food Economy Conference
Preview: SUN X New Food Economy Conference and Food Startupnight
| August 12 2022

Consumers, especially younger generations, have changed their food consumption towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Keeping the climate change

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Free Potential Diagnosis with WAfM Diagnostik!
| August 12 2022

EPAplus is a novel procedure for job-specific aptitude assessment and is designed for optimized applicant selection (and, if applicable, potential analysis of

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SUN X Diversity Night
Preview: SUN X Diversity Night
| August 10 2022

Diversity! How we can achieve more diversity in the startup scene We want more diversity in the workplace! Numerous studies show that diverse teams can have

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