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Startupnight 2018 Application is open
Application is open now!
| May 07 2018

Application is open! We put a lot of effort in improving our application process and providing an even better experience for startups who will be chosen to

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Startupnight 2018 The Night is coming
Startupnight is back with a special offer
| March 14 2018

Startupnight is back Again we will have an exhibition with more than 250 startups from all over the world, lots of corporate partners and VCs and an exciting

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TOA Satellite by E.ON :agile accelerator
TOA Satellite by E.ON :agile accelerator, July 11th
| July 11 2017

Pitching is never an easy task. From our work with the startups at E.ON’s :agile accelerator we know how much courage and training it takes to go on the stage

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Boozy Breakfast
Startupnight's boozy breakfast No. 2, July 14th
| July 03 2017

Dear Startupnight friends, do you love exits as much as we do? Well it's not only great to see someone's success, they have often amazing stories to tell and

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Startupnight @STARTUP JOBS FAIR June 30th
| June 28 2017

It is a unique opportunity to either find a job or hire exceptional talents. The event is open to everyone from professional to entry level job seekers.

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Startupnight 2017 rollercoaster pitch
"The Rollercoaster VC Pitch"
| June 21 2017

Well as you have always been the focus of Startupnight we decided there ain't no mountain high enough or in this case, rollercoaster. We convinced a couple of

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Startupnight conference
More speakers for our conference
| June 21 2017

Our conference contains of 4 streams: Inspiration Technology Money Connect So get your ticket now to get real insights from top management members

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Startupnight 2017 News Rollercoaster
| June 14 2017

Everybody is always talking about “Your life as an entrepreneur is like a rollercoaster ride.” Well … we do like rollercoaster & for everybody who wants

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Startupnight 2017 News
| June 14 2017

You would like to meet us & see how you can participate @ Startupnight? We are hosting our first Meetup next week @hub:raum. Date:         June 14th Time

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Startupnight 2017 conference news
| June 14 2017

But corporates will not disappear. So the future for them lies also in cooperating on eye-level with startups.  What is it like for startups work with

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