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Preview: SUN X Diversity Night

Diversity Night on Sep 7 is being curated by medianet berlinbrandenburg and offers insights on intersectionality in the workplace, gender equality, migration, generational inclusivity & the diversity gap in the tech industry. 

  • SUN X Diversity Night

Diversity! How we can achieve more diversity in the startup scene
We want more diversity in the workplace! Numerous studies show that diverse teams can have a positive impact on business success. But which structures and processes need to be revised and rethought? Is diversity a blind spot within the startup scene?

The experiences and perspectives of people with different backgrounds and personality traits are a valuable tool that contributes to the success of the company. CEOs and HR managers should therefore know how they can make their company attractive to all potential employees and how to recruit in a way that does not only always attract the same candidates.

We talk about processes that can be redesigned and about what else companies should do to bring true diversity to the workforce. About the difference that diversity and inclusion can make - and how this can be shaped in everyday work.

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