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VRiend is a social VR platform bringing hospitalised people back in contact with their relatives this with the help of VR livestreaming technology!

Horus VR is a world class & state of the art VR development company, enabling companies worldwide to profit from VR technology. Our focus is to supply our clients with proven, user friendly and affordable do-it-yourself VR ecosystems to create impactful VR experiences themselves.

What we do? For example:

  • 8K VR Live streams of high profile sports& music events;
  • bringing hospitalized kids back to school with a low latency VR livestream;
  • calm down stressed patients with VR experiences;
  • train and inform people before they are going to start their new jobs;
  • large scale VR dome projections to create your own concerthall in your backyard…

We bring VR really to the next level!

Part of
Startupnight 2019