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VRee has developed a ready-to-go, platform independent, full body multiplayer XR solution called the “VRee platform”.

VRee is the developer of the unique XR (eXtended Reality ) platform, which makes it possible for multiple users to have a synchronized full-body, upper body, or head and hands only experience in e.g. virtual reality without perceivable latency. VRee supports multi-play, haptic feedback, live content streaming, easy calibration, various interaction features and enables operations in a joint virtual environment from different geographical locations. The platform supports the major engines (Unity and Unreal). With its SDKs VRee allows third-party content developers (VRee clients) to integrate and perform synchronized full-body multiplayer into:

•Training & Simulations (e.g. emergency response training, maintenance)
•B2B Industry Applications (e.g. digital prototyping, monitoring, digital twins)
•Location-based XR Entertainment Applications (e.g. VR games, art, music/dance)

Part of
Startupnight 2019