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The UrmO is the world's first foldable and portable self-balancing light electric vehicle. It is designed to cope with the last mile in urban areas.

The UrmO is the world’s first foldable self-balancing light electric vehicle. When not driving, it allows you to simply fold it and carry it everywhere for example to the train or subway. Also, it can be stored in the trunk of your car. And that means that people will be more independent and will save time on their daily commute.
Unlike toys such as hoverboards, the big wheels guarantee a safe and comfortable ride. Unlike electric kickscooters the clever design and simple folding mechanism are operated single-handed. That leaves a free hand for a cup of coffee.
Basically, the UrmO is controlled by shifting your weight so it works like a Segway. You lean forward to speed up and you lean backwards to break or reverse. Steering left and right is accomplished by turning into the direction you want to go. Our intelligent and patent-pending steering mechanism is both simple and intuitive.
And that’s how the UrmO works. Simple and intelligent urban mobility.

Part of
Startupnight 2019