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Mobile car wash in your location just a couple of klicks away. We work for effortless car driving experiences.

We are unlocking a frictionless car service experience for all car owners by building a full stack mobile car maintenance and management platform so customers could enjoy the ride with a clean, safe & healthy car. We are specialized in mobile car washing but we are integrating other car related maintenance services (e.g. fluids, repairs, tracking, insurance) onto our platform to provide seamless car ownership.

With just a push of button a wash-bicycle or a fully equipped maintenance vehicle will come to you while you work, rest or play. UpSteam is a combination of on-demand and subscription model where you can build your personal wash-schedule according to your servicing needs. B2B saves money on wage, fuel & amortization.

We are the pioneers of sustainable car care. Worldwide car wash industry uses 420B litres of fresh water to wash cars. UpSteam is using up to 400x less water & bio-degradable chemicals to significantly reduce our ecological footprint.

Part of
Startupnight 2019