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STRAFFR is a smart resistance band, that connects to an app, offering professional training instructions, live corrective feedback and analytics.

The STRAFFR GmbH is developing the best fitness products on the market while focusing on innovation, ease of use and design. Our values center on openness, direct feedback and the pursuit of lifelong learning combining different fields of study and connecting the dots between them. We focus on the urgent topics and problems in the health and fitness industry to provide only the best solutions to our customers. STRAFFR will enable people to train anywhere and anytime to live a healthy and pain free life through the use of smart fitness devices and holistic fitness concepts/workouts that motivate and are easy to use.
The STRAFFR band is a fully sensorial resistance band that measures repetitions, velocity, and power applied throughout a workout. The way we measure the force is patent pending and is unseen in the sporting industry as the whole band is a sensor. The STRAFFR app is your personal guide, actively correcting your execution and walking you through your workout step by step.

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