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Solu offers the best sales platform for small and medium-sized transport companies. At the same time, it offers the passenger a simple and convenient way to use the services of these companies through an app.

Solu is a platform for small and middle-sized companies in the transport industry, that struggle with the challenge of business process automation and digitization. Companies can easily sign up on the App and use all services. We take care of everything so the driver and company can focus on their main tasks. Solu increases the efficiency and usage of the fleet capacity and as a result, improves the eco-footprint of partner companies. We offer the passenger an easy and convenient way to access professional chauffeur-services which they can easily book on the App. With our belief in a simple and fair price policy, that does not rise with high demand. Solu is focused on new and innovative ways to provide better mobility and transport solutions in the future. The core vision is to provide innovative, eco-friendly, shared and autonomous mobility solutions.


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