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We teach machines how to see. Boost your quality assurance based on Deep-Learning. Become faster, more precise and cost efficient at your inspections

sentin is a university spinoff of the Ruhr University in Bochum and works on bringing modern data analysis methodology into industrial applications. To this end, sentin develops solutions for the use of artificial intelligence in non-destructive inspection processes. The company is currently working on various applications, e.g. the visual quality assurance in the production of consumer goods or the radiographic inspection of safety-critical components in industrial plants or the automotive sector. Deep Learning in Computer Vision can be applied to various other use cases such as ultrasound or structure-borne sound spectra analysis to detect anomalies, e.g. in the behavior of a machine. sentin´s solutions automate these processes and therefore safe companies time and money. Building on a strong industrial background in one of the major german industrial companies, the founders team of sentin is looking for innovative partners to realize projects together.

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Startupnight 2019