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NEXTdriver | professional driver coaching as a service to safe fuel and improve safety

Transport and logistics companies squander energy and money while facing low margins. 5-10% fuel is wasted due to non-ideal driving behavior. This leads to extra cost, CO2 emissions and impact on profit.About 95% of the accidents are caused by human error*. For transport companies this often results in injuries, downtime, repair, costs and negative publicity. Transport companies often lack time and expertise to monitor, engage and coach their drivers. With our NEXTdriver service we coach professional drivers. This relieves managers, reduces fuel use by 5-8% and improves safety. Drivers receive (automated) feedback on their driving behaviour every week. For our coaching, we use data from the telematics solutions that our transport customers have already implemented. As a result, our approach doesn’t require additional hardware. We partner with several telematics providers to retrieve data from their API’s.
We offer this as a subscription model.

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