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rvolt UG

rvolt gamifies energy consumption. We help our users save money, reduce carbon footprint and enable the smart living of the future.

rvolt gamifies energy consumption by empowering users to save money, reduce carbon footprint and providing the smart living of the future.
rvolt is a SaaS-company building an intelligence platform to understand smart meter data and build value-added services on top of it. Households get a mobile application which visualizes and gamifies energy consumption. They receive transparency on Kwh and carbon footprint as well as notifications on how to increase energy efficiency and save money.
We create a token-based game within the app making it interactive and engaging to mitigate climate change. Users earn tokens through shifting demand from peak to off peak hours. They can compare their token performance with peer-groups (family, friends and neighbours) and access our shop within the app. The shop facilitates smart home devices and services, shared mobility, public transportation and other green initiatives through token-based discount campaigns.
Behind the scenes, rvolt uses Artific

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Startupnight 2019