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#Robot4Work Robotic Services

Robot4Work Robotic Services provides humanoid robot employees to companies in the Hospitality and Service sector such as hotels, restaurants, retail stores, museums, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, etc as receptionist, welcome staff or a retail sales assistant to improve workflow efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our robots can work 7/24 synchronized with human employees, sensors and all devices seamlessly. Also, we backed the robots with a human support team to monitor the robots and understand the business and customer needs in case of any help needed. If a robot doesn't understand a command 2 times, a human operator solves the customer's request in seconds via the internet. Robots are able to work autonomously but our human support team just allow it to reach the excellent quality of work 24/7. Robot4Work support 48 languages by Google Voice API.

Part of
Startupnight 2019