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Reos GmbH

Reos GmbH is a digital property manager from Hamburg that developed its own solution to manage facilities and rental process digitally and in real time.

The property management provider uses its leading technology for smart buildings and asset management purposes. Roes plays a crucial role in supporting asset managers and project developers thanks to its “allaround” service.

From large residential areas to shared living spaces, Reos has a solution designed from the ground up - by property people, to suit modern requirements. The company manages buildings technically as well as commercially, relying on digital services and added value. Reos purpose is to secure the value of your assets, provide a digital advantage and reduce unnecessary costs.

Founded in 2017, the Hamburg based company uses a holistic approach to solving the property management dilemma due to its future-oriented and climate-neutral structure. Reos is a »first mover« among residential property management providers.

Part of
Startupnight 2019