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Regulus Cyber

Regulus is the world's leader in sensor security for autonomous technologies including cars, drones, ships, trucks, airplanes and more.

Regulus is the first company dealing with smart-sensor security, from GNSS to LiDAR and Radar - smart-sensors are critical components across a wide range of applications including automotive, mobile and critical infrastructure, yet they are easily hacked. In automotive, GNSS is key element for reliable and accurate positioning in Autonomous Driving (AD) and assistant driving (ADAS) systems, yet it is highly vulnerable to spoofing attacks, which allow an attacker to pose as a legitimate GNSS signal, enabling him to manipulate and deceive the system. Regulus’ Pyramid GNSS solution is the first set of technologies to detect and mitigate smart spoofing against GNSS receivers that is secure, affordable and implementable across all relevant industries, offering a range of anti-spoofing technologies, from the fortified GNSS PRO receiver, to a software library relevant for any GNSS receiver as a firmware update, and down to an IP core algorithm suitable for any of the GNSS chipsets.

Part of
Startupnight 2019