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Overcome fragmented hardware silos instantly with our 5G Application providing you a overall Data Control/ Whitelabel. Kick out the OS Gatekeepers!

platform that integrates any device into a user's digital ecosystem, making it possible to drag and drop any content or apps from any device to any other - even across incompatible hardware or operating systems. With us, any device becomes an intelligent device, and any device can be integrated to the user's existing ecosystem - so an Apple Watch can work with a smart fridge running Windows, or an Android car console, as easily as it works with your iPhone.

We operate through the cloud, so the processing power happens in the cloud and each device operates as a client - a window through which to access all your existing services. With an end-to-end secure layer, the session is user-centric and secure across all platforms. We make 100% connectivity possible on the 3G network, and will build in full capacity AR/VR on the 4G/5G network. We use AI technology for a seamless user experience connected environments.

Part of
Startupnight 2019