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Quant Co

Quant Co provides plug&play AI for home energy management systems. It creates personalized, engaged and seamless energy experiences for consumers.

Quant Co provides an 'AI as a Service' platform which takes the role of the catalyst in deploying, integrating and scaling AI fast for companies pursuing intelligent and aware energy management at their customers' home. Simply putting, we are 'The AI Layer' on top of the connectivity (IoT, hardware etc.) and software (data engineering, back-end, UI etc.) layers in the connected home environment, enabling hyper-personalized, seamless and engaged consumer energy experiences.

Quant Co proposes a novel approach for energy management systems for home energy management and, by implication, residential demand response. It’s an online learning application that implicitly estimates the impact of future energy prices and of consumer decisions long term costs and schedules residential device usage. It learns continuously and adapts to individual consumer preferences and pricing modifications over time.

Part of
Startupnight 2019