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We offer a state-of-the-art AI technology to prevent expensive production stops and quality defects as easy as never before.

More and more manufacturing companies automate their production processes for cost and efficiency reasons. The degree of automation increases the complexity of machines and their susceptibility to failure. Expensive machine downtimes and production waste are the result. Even for experienced technicians and engineers, machine failures are becoming increasingly difficult to understand. Troubleshooting is a daily struggle for them. PANDA provides hardware and software machine-learning technologies based on AI, to make production processes understandable again. We give the technicians and engineers a tool with which they are empowered to solve machine failures by themselves, which would otherwise require a whole department of experts. On the basis of machine data analysis, our technologies show exactly where a fault occurred on the machine. Beside, our predictive maintenance software warns early if a machine failure may happen. This makes production optimization easier than ever.

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