Skip to main content builds AI-powered software robots that automate repetitive back-office work (e.g., in customer service) & learn through human-AI teamwork is a tech startup from Berlin and develops software robots called AI Workers that automate repetitive back-office tasks by using the latest AI technology and by learning from human interaction. AI Workers can, e.g., independently process incoming customer queries by letter or email and either forward it to the right department or automatically work on it. If AI Workers are not confident on what to do next, they will ask human co-workers for help and learn from their feedback. As AI Workers can even handle unstructured data and as they learn from the experience of their human co-workers, they can be used to automate even complex processes. This makes them superior to current software robots and RPA bots that can only automate simple and pre-defined processes and that need a lot of configuration and maintenance to adapt to changing situations.

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