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OroraTech is developing the first global real-time wildfire detection and monitoring service from space.

Wildfires are a natural phenomenon, yet due to global warming they are becoming more severe, causing billions of Euros in damages, thousands of fatalities and 10% of global CO2 emissions every year. OroraTech is tackling the issue by sending up a constellation of 100 nano satellites equipped with thermal infrared imagers to space, which will detect wildfires around the globe faster than ever before and monitor their spread. By combining own satellite data with existing sources into a customer focused service, we will be able to notify and inform decision makers and companies worldwide in real-time. Our satellites are based on a patented novel CubeSat framework, a patent-pending imager design and on-orbit processing technology to compress the performance of a 100kg satellite into a shoebox. As a spin-off from the Technical University of Munich, we keep involved with research and are supported by ESA, DLR and backed by visionary private investors from the finance and space sector.

Part of
Startupnight 2019