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Optical Additives GmbH

Our technology harvests light energy out of the bulk material of device bodies freeing offgrid devices from battery replacements or charging.

Charging batteries at power plugs and replacing batteries of electronic devices is uncomfortable. We will free users from managing the power consumption and recharging obligations of their off grid devices.
Instead of placing solar cells all over the device body surface OA provides a revolutionary solution: Harvesting light energy out of device body material itself by adding OA's additive ZeoFRET® to the bulk material. Compared to conventional solutions we provide competitive advantages. Our solution is
• more flexible, because device shapes can be chosen freely with many color options
• more effective, because the whole surface of the device body collects light
• simpler, because mixing additives to polymers is a well-known technology
• cheaper, because fewer solar cells are needed and
• harvesting more energy at low light levels (indoor, cloudy weather, shadow).

Part of
Startupnight 2019