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Once For All GmbH

Tired of bureaucracy? We help sub-contractors and clients to verify and manage administrative documents and certifications.

OnceForAll is a service-oriented compliance management system based on a SaaS platform designed for and with companies to simplify verification processes of administrative documents. It spans a viral B2B network between all companies within a supply chain - from large corporations to SMEs. We guarantee that each of our customers receives a complete and up-to-date overview of their entire supply chain. A faster, easier, cheaper, and safer way to manage compliance information from subcontractors while controlling risks. We are the market leader in the French construction industry and are currently piloting our offer for the German market together with actors of the field. The problem: It is difficult to keep track of the completeness and up-to-dateness of subcontractor’s documents while having legal obligation to comply with. Our solution: OnceForAll provides contractors with a secure online folder where evidence documents can be filed once and approved for all customers.

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