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Olympus Sky Technologies, S.A.

Low complexity/latency/power, high-entropy, crypto-agnostic, decentralized, crypto-KMS, runs on network endpoints w/o crypto-HW; integrates into HSMs

Olympus Sky Technologies has developed a new way to think about cybersecurity, with the potential of up‐ending 30 years of static, heavy certificate‐based solutions such as PKI. This technology, called, Zeus, has been implemented into a product suite that is used to secure complex supply chains, from cradle to grave, including authentication of HW and SW assets, and also secures communication. The Zeus platform secures HW, executable code, and data files, both at rest and in flight, as a product is built, shipped, fielded and used, preventing malicious, bad actors from causing harm. The product is simple to understand and use, requiring no skilled IT security experts. The power of such capabilities extends far beyond automatic validation of integrity and authenticity of an individual module. Zeus support, includes configuration management features, providing equivalent integrity and authenticity at the system level ‐ guaranteeing the integrity and authenticity of an entire subsystem.

Part of
Startupnight 2019