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Centralized monitoring cloud platform, which provides and easy-to-deploy application, for network, industrial and IoT device management

Muutech provides a monitoring platform able to get and correlate data from different sources (IoT sensors,robots,PLC,API,ERP,databases,industrial protocols, IT infrastructure, network communications,business and e-commerce data,etc) breaking information silos.While the data is continually feeding the platform, it is transformed to information through combined and predictive alarms that can trigger automated actions and through per-user or per-role customized dashboards that can been checked realtime in a tablet, mobile or a smartwatch, and trough augmented reality visualizations with aggregated information from different sources and locations, empowering the users to take real-time data-driven decisions, without the loss of time of having to get the data themselves from different applications and create their own Excel sheets to correlate this information.

Part of
Startupnight 2019