Skip to main content GmbH is a B2C- and B2B-Platform for digital transformation of craftsmen gilds. Trading, Payment, Networking. Local quality and trust. is focussed on solving the challenge of traditional craftsmen gilds (Innungen) in times of digitalization of sales-processes (heating-system, new kitchen furniture’s or a wedding party e.g.). In Germany exists round about 1.000.000 crafts companies. Round about 200.000 are member of their gilds (roofing work, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, tailors, baker´s e.g.) on their own choice. These 200.000 craftsmen companies are the focus group of is a B2C- and B2B-platform for processes round about the members of craftsmen gilds. So the focus is on sales-, networking-, payment-processes.
Business model: 1. freemium-subscription-model, 2. Marketplace % Commission fee, 3. Payment % Commission fee, 4. Project development, flat fee, 5. Advertisement, CTR etc.
Marketing: Of course SEO + SEA, activating asset of point of sales (local bakeries, hair stylist e.g.), guerrilla marketing (local politicans).

Local. Quality. Trust.

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