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Lition #Blockchain for Business in Co-Innovation with SAP pioneered #DLT technology in the energy sector with the world’s first #P2P energy exchange.

Lition is a green tech blockchain start-up and a digital energy supplier. Since April 2018, Lition is a fully licensed energy supplier in Germany with a working blockchain solution and available for up to 41 million households. Lition customers currently save on average 20 % on their monthly energy bill, while producers generate up to 30 % higher profits. As producers are selected by the customer, the decision-making power shifts from energy conglomerates to the consumer. Lition has an innovative concept that allows customers to buy 100 % green energy with currently the lowest costs in the market via the distributed ledger technology (DLT). There are other blockchain/DLT-based energy exchange projects like Tal.Markt (Germany), WePower (Slovenia), Powerledger (Australia), Electrify (Singapore). However, these are more expensive than Lition and just locally available or still in the pilot phase. On a mass market like Germany with 41 million households, Lition is worldwide unique.

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Startupnight 2019