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Energy Storage Everywhere for Everyone

Lancey Energy Storage offers a breakthrough innovation for energy storage: an electric radiator with a battery.
Batteries are the future of home energy consumption but they are still very expensive and we never know where to put them. Lancey puts them inside radiators! There is no installation cost and they remain very discrete. Lancey wants to democratize energy storage by integrating it into everyday home appliances. This multi-patented technology enables Lancey to provide enery storage for free to its end-users.
This solution comes with connectivity and sensors to gather data from every room of the building. An Energy Management System then analyses it to optimise the consumption of energy and reduce the electricity bills. Lancey's solution goes a step further to make smart building real.
Lancey application remotely controls every battery to provide innovative services to the grids and to integrate more renewable energy. Lancey’s innovation is finally a keystone to smart-grid.

Part of
Startupnight 2019