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Centralized monitoring cloud platform, which provides and easy-to-deploy application, for network, industrial and IoT device management

At Inspirient, we help companies to unlock the value hidden in their data. We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate data-centric processes for our clients, from Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) to adaptive Anomaly Detection and end-to-end Automated Analytics. These fully automated approaches allow our clients to increase the effectiveness of their analytics setup by up to two orders of magnitude – thereby reducing the dependency on expert data scientists – and to discover new insights in their data beyond human intuition.

Our AI-driven analytics platform can be easily customized to match specific client requirements and create value in use cases such as pricing, end-users’ request processing, fraud prevention, process optimization, data discovery, and strategic decision support. After first introducing our AI at CeBIT 2016, we have helped companies such as Deutsche Bahn and BNP Paribas to find relevant and previously unknown insights in their data.

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