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Gilytics AG

We are Berlin-based Asian meal kit provider which delivers 12 different country boxes each month such as Chinese New Year box and Tokyo Olympic Box

Gilytics is an ETH Spin-off and breaks down the complexity in linear infrastructure planning (e.g. power lines, pipelines, roads, train tracks). Relying on GIS data and satellite images Gilytics algorithms calculate routes for new linear infrastructure projects in a few seconds and display the results in a realistic 3D environment – think about the challenge linking a new wind park in North Germany with the existing power grid system. The cloud-platform is used by power grid operators to make their decision and planning process 50% faster and communicate the project plans in the stakeholder engagement process more interactive and transparent.
The market for this solution is huge and not restricted to power lines. We are a diversified team including a strong advisory board, backed up by ESA BIC Switzerland and Innosuisse. Our first three paying customers are also helping us to further develop our tool. Curious investing in Gilytics? Talk to (+41 79 397 13 0

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