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Exchange Valet

Cryptocurrency trading tool designed to automate your transactions the way you desire so you can rest easy.

Exchange Valet is an online trading tool that lets cryptocurrency traders connect their exchange accounts and add more features to their trading experience. The app provides the time-saving features that the exchange websites are lacking to help traders get a good night’s sleep. On the cryptocurrency exchanges, traders are not allowed to set "stop-loss" and "take-profit" orders at the same time. Stop-loss order limits their losses by selling the coin at a small loss. Take-profit order is where traders sell to make a profit. Unable to use these orders simultaneously, traders can miss making profits or fail to limit their losses. They get around this problem by setting price alarms to monitor the market and manually sell based on price movements. With Exchange Valet, traders can easily set both orders simultaneously in seconds and rest easy, knowing that their strategy is locked in.

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