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Envitron is developing a gateway and cloud platform to enable digital communication between all energy flows in- and between local energy systems.

An important part of the energy transition is ensuring an efficient and local use of available energy. Decentralizing the energy market requires digitizing all energy flows, and using data and software intelligence to find a continuous economic, technical and social local energy balance.

Available energy is first balanced at the most local level (in a building) by exploiting the flexibility potential of that building with its installations, devices and sensors. In the event of a shortage or surplus of energy, communication can take place with the local environment (the neighborhood).

Envitron makes it possible to exploit the energy flexibility potential across buildings, streets and residential areas by acting as a gateway for balancing issues and using available flexibility on a larger scale. This creates a connection between the building (s) and the local energy network, which in turn is connected to the next level of the smart grid (the central energy network).

Part of
Startupnight 2019