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Powered by renewables Enapter electrolysers generate #hydrogen. 80+ installed wwd for energy storage, energy access, mobility, industry and heat. #P2G

Enapter manufactures highly efficient hydrogen generators. The patented Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) electrolyser is modular and allows for the commercialization of green hydrogen production at all scales. Renewables are cheap now, but are difficult to use for heavy transports, heat and industry. Hydrogen is an energy vector with the highest density. Green electricity powers the electrolyser that splits water into its component gases. Our technology uses neither noble metals nor any harmful materials to achieve high performance. And it has a 10-year proven track record. Enapter also developed the Energy Management System (EMS) that allows remote monitoring and control. Our applications are across all sectors: rural electrification (Uganda), seasonal storage (French Alps), island microgrid (La Reunion), residential H2 storage (Germany, Thailand), fuel cell drone (China) or snow mobile (Austria) refueling, power-to-heat (The Netherlands), renewable methane (Australia); and more..

Part of
Startupnight 2019