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Our Remote Augmented Reality system enables drone pilots to interact with virtual elements in real environments through the eyes of the drone.

DronOSS develops Augmented Reality systems for drones and robots, enabling remote-controlled interaction with virtual elements in real-world scenarios.

The Cologne-based start-up has been working on the development of its hardware and software device for Remote Augmented Reality and managed to build a working prototype. Mounted on a drone, their patent-pending system called ARbox allows for a more intuitive, save and cost-effective training of drone pilots for inspection, rescue and surveillance purposes.

With the upcoming deployment of 5G, DronOSS plans to integrate a cloud solution to transmit, store, and access video and sensor data of unmanned vehicles over the mobile network.

DronOSS is a spin-off of the TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences of Cologne, Germany, and is being sponsored with the Government- and EU-funded EXIST grant. The 3-person team is currently raising a pre-seed investment in order to finish and launch their MVP.

Part of
Startupnight 2019