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alvego UG

Alvego stands for ALgae, VEgan, to GO. We produce & design convenient macro algae foods. We created Riff Raff - The first seaweed jerky of the world!

Alvego stands for ALgae, VEgan, to GO. We produce and design convenient macro algae foods. Alvego’s core competency is based on the processing of the red macro algae Palmaria Palmata. Alvego's seaweed salads, no-fish burgers and Riff Raff are just the start for a new seaweed eco-system.

Alvego... - But why?
The global problem is to feed 9 billion people in 2050.
Alvego is convinced that macro algae will make important contributions to the nourishment of the world. The change of climate will make it more problematic to produce crops on fields. The exploitation of the soil is already at its limits. So we have to shift from land to sea. We have to build up new structures for production. Alvego makes an effort to create acceptance for a new food cycle. Alvego's vision is to produce healthy food, which is made of sustainable ingredients. These values are represented in our products with organic ingredients, locally sourced from the EU. Taste & health to improve your lifestyle!

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