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Air Profile GmbH

Air Profile provides the world's most accurate wind data for renewable energy, unmanned aviation, and environmental monitoring.

Founded January 2015, Air Profile started as a small R&D company in CleanTech. Equipped with a seed investment in the seven-figure range, the tech team developed a LiDAR - a unique remote sensing system to measure the wind speeds in heights up to 300 metres. After reaching PoC in late 2016, the construction of two prototypes with experts from the University of Kassel was funded as part of an R&D project for 2017/18. The unique functionality, the level of innovation and the enormous economic potential of the LiDAR, resulting from the patent pending technical USP, have been awarded several prizes. After reaching market maturity, Air Profile will enter the market and scale to become a global leader in wind and weather data production within the next decade.

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