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AIME - Artificial Intelligence Machine Experts

Artificial Intelligence Machines - Workstations & Server Racks Built for Deep Learning

AIME sells Artificial Intelligence Machines built for Deep Learning Workstations, Server Racks & GPU Cloud Services. Their machines are designed and built to perform on deep learning applications. Deep learning application require fast memory, high interconnectivity and lots of processing power. AIMEs 4 GPU design reaches the hightest currently possible throughput within these form factors.

All components are selected by energy efficience, durability and highest performance. They are well balanced so that no bottlenecks are encounterd in its interaction. AIMEs goal is to optimize the hardware for the best cost per performance point without compromises in durability & reliability.

AIMEs hardware is designed to meet their own deep learning application needs, evolved in years of experience in deep learning frameworks and customized PC hardware building.

Besides the hardware, AIME also sells AI services, consulting anddevelops a STT speech interface for human-computer interaction.

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Startupnight 2019