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5thIndustry GmbH

Easy and fun to use apps for production and logistics that enable highest productivity in a modern working culture

5thIndustry develops applications to enable manufacturing companies addressing common use cases in the production and logistic environment. The applications allow the end user to take advantage of the big data being collected from their equipment and transforming it into valuable insights helping them to increase their performance. The applications allow the customers to make use of state of the art cloud technologies without the need to build up own data science and programming knowledge at an affordable and transparent pay per use pricing model, allowing them to experiment.

From our experience in driving digitalization at a large multinational company with more than 250 factories worldwide, we also know about the challenges in starting the digitalization in a factory. Therefore we developed a workshop concept which allows factories to define an individual digitalization roadmap tailored to their needs.

Part of
Startupnight 2019