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M. Lee Greene

Foodhub NRW

Lee has been actively involved in the evolution of the food system since 2006.

Recognizing the shift toward a sustainable food system early on, she embarked on a journey as change maker. From managing a biodynamic vineyard in Tuscany to building a farm to table brand in the USA, she has been spearheading new concepts and start-up projects. She is convinced that digitalization and technology can go hand in hand with economic, ecological and social sustainability, and champions innovations that bridge these diverse standpoints.

Since returning to Germany in 2016 she has helped agrifood businesses to navigate the changing environment, identify growth opportunities and remain competitive. As an avid believer in the power of open innovation, she co-founded Foodhub NRW, an open innovation platform for the agrifood value chain, facilitating collaboration between start-ups, farmers, established businesses and other innovators.

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