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Candy Behunin

Head of International Relations

Candy Behunin

Candy is Head of International Relations at PIABO PR, Europe's agency for leading digital and technology brands.

Her background started with a bachelor's in design / digital media marketing, but after graduating from Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, with a Masters Degree from WHU business school in Germany, she decided to go into the tech industry.

Since 2013 she has taken on positions as: Head of Marketing at HitFox Group (company builder), Head of Growth at Adjust (adtech), VP of Marketing at Unu Motors (e-scooter), PR advisor to Splash VR, and early stage deal flow Analyst for Asgard Capital focusing on artificial intelligence and hardware startups. She has grown with the Berlin scene from it's social mobile trends, to e-commerce, onto bigger visions like cryptocurrency and the latest discussions in AI and VR innovations.

Candy has moderated several events such as Rise of AI, Machine Summit hosted by SearchInk at TOA 2017, and speaks on many female leadership panels. Aside from attending top level tech conferences as press and media, she also has worked on the organisation teams of Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Web Summit in Dublin, MLOVE mobile lifestyle communities, and is an active digital native across all social media platforms.

She was born in Thailand, raised in the U.S, and established her tech career in Germany / Europe as a full stack marketer and media enthusiast. Her major inspirations are Elon Musk, Nicolas Berggruen, and people designing the future.

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