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Technology trends AI and VR


Where and when

Conference 2017
10:30 am - 11:15 am
Room 3

Everybody seems to be talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is creating a lot of buzz in the current wave of business digitization. The range of applications is very broad – and includes chatbots. Business enterprises can reduce costs and improve digital communications with this technology. Private users can use chatbots to plan their schedules and optimize their online shopping experience. However, critics believe that chatbots are unreliable. What are chatbots capable of today, and what will their role be in the future?

Another technology driver is Virtual Reality (VR), which has already had a major impact on the entertainment sector. That should not be surprising since this technology originated in the gaming segment. And that is why premium VR systems have primarily been marketed with gamers in mind. But what are the applications and opportunities for VR in other market segments?