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Workshop: Your BSS or Exist Scholarship comes to an end? How can you fund your early stage startup?


Where and when

12:05 pm - 12:35 pm
Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office, BRATISLAVA

In case you want to take part, you need to register below and have a valid ticket for Incubator & Accelerator Day (or SUN X Ticket).

Startup founders often ask themselves how to fund their startup the best way. They are usually looking for Business Angels, VC money, try to bootstrap or ask friends and family to kickstart the innovative business idea. With a BSS or Exist scholarship you can have a great possibility to focus full-time on your idea in the very early stage. But how to go on further? Often founders forget about the public side of funding. In this workshop Berlin Partner and Investitionsbank Berlin will show the opportunities how the public sector in Berlin can help startups to reach their goals and make the next step to a Berlin grown startup company.

At the end of our talk you will have an overview which public funding opportunities you should focus on and what further services the public sector offers to berlin based companies.