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Workshop: Design Thinking

Where and when

10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office, KIEV

In case you want to take part, you need to register below and have a valid ticket for Incubator & Accelerator Day (or SUN X Ticket).

Shape and enable creative processes with Design Thinking with Prof. Dr. Melike Demirbag-Kaplan:
This 90 minute interactive workshop delivered by the Smart City Event Incubator @ VICTORIA | Internationale Hochschule Program Director Prof. Dr. Melike Demirbag-Kaplan, will provide you with an insight into decision-making processes, human rationality and irrationality, thinking errors, fixation and cognitive bias. Importantly you will develop a methodical approach on how you can avoid these common thinking pitfalls!
Attend this workshop to gain an insight into the design thinking concept, which will enable and shape creative processes and apply them to any area of your life, whether it be personal or professional and business challenges!
This workshop is for you, if you:

  • Are looking to start a business and want to delve deeper into discovering the real needs and problems of your potential customers
  • Have a complex business problem you need to solve
  • Want to uncover a new direction for your business, or identify a new business opportunity