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SUN21: Third Program Preview

The program of #SUN21 is almost complete by now, but we will continue to make some amendments, so make sure to keep up to date!

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High Noon for Startups - Can your business idea make it? 

Too often, founders work on ideas that can never make it, no matter how passionate they are. Problems might be a twisted market, wrong perception of user needs, the fact that it has been tried x times before and always failed, and many other caveats that are best identified BEFORE starting to put serious effort into an idea. As an angel, founder, author and lecturer, Christoph Räthke has been a driving force of the German startup ecosystem for over 20 years.Accordingly, the feedback he'll give you might either be a strong suggestion to reconsider or even fold your idea - or highly valuable advice on the next most useful steps to turn it into reality.

From “made in China” to “invented in China”: Chinas digital rise

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, in cooperation with, put together an exciting program to shine a light on recent developments in China., which owns China’s largest business and technology news platform, will explain how innovation is created in China and take a closer look at the drivers behind China’s continual fast technological development. 36KR will also present current developments in China’s Artificial intelligence industry, with examples of applications of computer vision, natural language processing and deep learning.

This session will be wrapped up by a discussion round with representatives of two Berlin startups that have business connections to China, namely Sheen Hu, CEO,, and Timon von Bargen, orderYOYO. The panel is titled "How can startups from Berlin benefit from China’s innovation boost?" and will be moderated by Sandra Schulze, Berlin Partner.
Made it here, make it there - stories of transcontinental business development

This second session with a view to Asia concerns moving your business to the next stage by starting in a new market, which can be a daunting endeavour. Luckily there is a plethora of business enabling actors out there. But which one is right for me? Should is go for a government funded gig or will I be better off with an NGO or other private agency? AsiaBerlin and hubraum explore the does and don’ts of your journey to other regions of the globe.

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