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SUN21: Fourth program preview

We're proud of the program which we created for you – here are some more of our stage events and sessions!

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How to find, win and work with Business Angels (and investors in general)
In his talk, Sebastian Schwenke, managing director of the Business Angels Club Berlin-Brandenburg e.V., will give you insights on how to find the perfect investor for your startup and what misconceptions you might have to overcome, to build and sustain great relationships with your sponsors and financiers. 

Feminine Economy

Our long-time partner Mali Baum of WLOUNGE will talk about the feminine economy, which proposes a new set of values, sustainable, impact-focused, and a redistribution of skills, money, while showing strong monetization based on feminine principles. The feminine economy is not meant to be ‘for female’ but it's even stronger for male leaders and change makers-entrepreneurs.

Fundraising for pre-seed founders

In this session, Alexander Kölpin and Jens Schäperklaus of seed+speed will introduce pre-seed founders to the investors point of view and help you structure and manage your fundraise.

10 most common mistakes that are made before the seed fundraising

Startups that want to raise venture capital in the future should have a few topics in mind when founding and starting their business. The investment managers at Hightech Gründerfonds (HTGF) see a variety of startups every year and this presentation by Louis Heinz, Senior Investment Manager, combines the most common mistakes done by founders before the first institutional fundraise. 
How to get shares in Germany – State of the Nation 

We have addressed the issue of employee shareholders in an earlier newsletter and in our blog. In this session, Nico Jänicke of the law firm Taylor Wessing will shine a light on the current state of affairs regarding employee participation in Germany: What’s possible and What’s not? He will highlight 10 pitfalls a company is likely to encounter when creating virtual employee participation schemes. Furthermore, he will explain in a brief update on the latest legislation changes why these are no game changer, unfortunately.

Why cultural diversity leads to more success

Diversity, diversity, diversity. This overarching topic has become more than prominent in both today’s society as well as in the context of business. In this session, a foundation called 2hearts will take over – co-founder Min-Sung and Core Member Ulrike will explain what the benefits of cultural diversity are, why it is definitely needed for success in the tech industry and how their dream future in this context looks like.
Min-Sung Sean Kim, Managing Partner, Digital Health Ventures, Co-Founder of 2hearts
Dr. Ulrike Handel, CEO, dentsu, Core Member of 2hearts


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