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WE4ALL bundles all requirements for the application of 3D printing technologies on one platform

WE4ALL stands for smart technolgy. We offer our customers the opportunity to realize their 3D print projects in a playful, easy manner and provide them with individual and customized solutions for their varied requirements. WE4ALL works with a network of 3D designers and 3D printer owners who will support you if you don't have any previous experience with 3D printing. We listen to our clients ideas, demands and problems and systematically help them come up with a concept and realize it. We make sure your projects will be succesful. We will help you establish a set-up that works for you, and we can also adjust this at any time to suit your needs. This bespoke service package will help maintain the efficiency of your product development. Jurij Habermann and Nezar Shakerchi founded WE4ALL in 2022 and their aim to democratize 3D printing technology has convinced the jury of the Berlin based start up programme BSS that their idea is unique and will be of great value to the public. Shakerchi and Habermann believe that 3D printing should be available to everyone.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2022