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Sylby is the next generation of AI-supported language learning with a focus on pronunciation.

Non-native speakers of a language may struggle in communication for several reasons, and one of them is pronunciation. Sylby is currently developing a pronunciation learning app that aims to support language learners with the comprehensibility of their speech. Thanks to the combination of AI with our linguistic know-how, we are able to address very specific user needs and solve pronunciation problems. We all have personal experience of what it's like to speak languages that aren't our native ones, and how our pronunciation affects our interactions with others in cultural, linguistic, professional, and personal settings. Our founding team consists of a linguist with a PhD, Vera Scholvin, and a developer and data scientist, Paras Mehta, with a PhD in computer science. Our combined skills allow us to create a product that includes cutting-edge speech technology and the latest results from linguistic research in foreign language acquisition. We put a lot of passion and love into our app and through a lot of hard work we will be able to launch in the fall of this year. We will start of with German and plan to add more languages in the upcoming years. Through our crosslinguistically working AI technology scaling to any language is made easy and quick.

Germany, Berlin

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Startupnight 2022